Colour of Maroc is a collection of stories inspired by people, food, and travel experiences seen through the eyes of Rob, the Aussie photographer and Sophia, his French/Moroccan wife.

RECIPES: 75 Modern & Traditional recipes

FINISH: Cloth covered Hardback

FORMAT: 224mm x 284mm Portrait / 288 pages

PUBLISHER: Murdoch Books

Rob and Sophia's infectious passion for Morocco is a delight to share, as they are guided by Sophia's friends and family through overflowing cities and remote dusty villages, exploring this country of vitality and contrasts. Through their eyes Morocco dazzles with life, brimming with colours, tastes and feelings. Colour of Maroc uses flavour to describe culture. It uses the journey to describe home. It uses colour to describe love.

For Rob, Colour of Maroc is a sketch of colour and light that captures a cultural awakening in a rich and contrasting land far from the urban beach life of Bondi that he is so familiar with. For Sophia, Colour of Maroc is a journey of rediscovery - experiencing Morocco and her heritage as if for the first time.



It all began in Morocco, under the shade of the Unesco-protected Argan tree.

Rob & Sophia met Lahcen, a local Berber man whose family still skillfully shell the nuts by hand. The kernels are then toasted and cold pressed in a modern, organic-certified local mill to extract this golden silky liquid, naturally rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and omega 6 & 9.

With a delicate, nutty, slightly sweet flavour, this finishing oil is perfectly paired with bread for dipping, or drizzled over salads, couscous, vegetables, pasta, grilled meats or fish. Colour of Maroc is the australian exclusive importer & distributor of this unique culinary rare & organic Argan oil. For wholesale orders, please contact sophia@colourofmaroc.com



SOPHIA PALMER – The Door Opener

Paris, London, Sydney. Sophia's Marketing and Communications career has taken her across the world over the past 12 years, working as an Account Director for big advertising agencies to Marketing Director of some of the top luxury brands. She was born in Morocco where she spent 13 years, and speaks English, French and Arabic.

ROB PALMER – The Aussie Photographer

Rob's photographic career began while bobbing around in the wild waves of Hawaii's world famous Banzai Pipeline. All of his spare time is still spent chasing waves but these days he's shooting a range of work for lifestyle, food and advertising clients and the stoke hasn't disappeared.


Colour of Maroc is also a business started by the Palmers whose aim is to culturally and creatively connect Australia with Morocco. The business will be linked to local charities with a percentage of the sales going directly back to organisations related to education and sustainability in Moroccan rural communities.

Rob & Sophia's first project has been to collaborate with talented people to shoot, write and design Colour of Maroc, their Moroccan food & travel book, which they are hoping to bring to life in the near future with events or exhibitions. To complement the book, Rob & Sophia sourced from Morocco a pure organic Argan oil and collaborated with Landor Associates to create the labeling and packaging brand identity.